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Academic & Career Planning

MISSION: Empower ALL students to travel the road to adulthood through education and training to careers

VISION: Reimaging K-12 education to equip students with meaningful and supportive adult relationships and the ability to adapt to the opportunities and challenges on their personalized journeys to successful lives 


What is ACP?

Students in grades K-12 engage in the Academic and Career Planning (ACP) process to set goals and create action plans to achieve those goals. This information is revised annually to reflect changes based on students' experiences. ACP is designed to support students who are still exploring as well as those that have selected a specific area of interest.

The district's E&E/ACP Programs will provide information and opportunities leading to:

  • Career Awareness at the elementary level

  • Career Exploration at the middle school level

  • Career Planning and Exploration at the high school level


Please explore the following links for more detailed information:


Last Updated: 5/6/22