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School Health Services

The school district of Onalaska employs 2 RNs to serve the district health needs. Each of the five educational buildings have a health room staffed by a health paraprofessional during the school year. The health paraprofessionals have completed specialized training to function in this specialized role. The health paraprofessional has defined parameters for providing care and for when a Registered Nurse should be contacted. 

The School District of Onalaska Health Services is monitored by our Medical Advisor, Dr. Todd Mahr. Dr. Mahr works for Gundersen Health System specializing in pediatric allergy and immunology.  


Role of Health Services 

School health services provide necessary medical care for students and staff in efforts to minimize academic interruptions throughout the day. Health paras provide minor first aid and illness care to students and administer medications under the direction of the RNs. Registered Nurses provide nursing assessments, health planning, concussion management, allergy plans, hearing and vision screening, and much more. Health Paras keep in constant communication with the RNs regarding student care, health, and safety. 

Contact Us

Amanda DeNault, MSN RN
Director of Nursing
608.779.5760 ext. 2313 

Kelsey Brahmstadt, RN BSN
District Nurse
School District of Onalaska
608.779.5760 ext. 2309