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School Board

First let me say thank you to the community of Onalaska for your ongoing support of the school district. Without this support none of our achievements would be feasible. We welcome your input and encourage your involvement in the activities of the school district.

This past year we have called upon you many times to participate in various initiatives. In all cases, community members have risen to the occasion and given of their time and talent to help move our district into the 21st century. The School District of Onalaska is a model of educational excellence in the State of Wisconsin. Our administrators are frequently called upon to share their knowledge and experience with other districts. Our commitment to Professional Learning Communities has now expanded to include the Board of Education and we are blazing new territory, as one of only a handful of Boards committed to this model. You will see our strategic plan on our website. This plan is the culmination of many hours of hard work, collaboration and commitment to challenge the status quo. All of the goals listed in this report are more narrowly focused on student learning. These goals are challenging, but attainable. They are goals that we can reach because of the outstanding staff we have here in Onalaska; a staff that is committed first and foremost to the children of our community; a staff that is willing to work collaboratively with all levels to develop the most creative and student focused learning environment.

In closing I would like to once again thank you for your support of our school district. We are trying to create schools where everyone would like to send their children. We cannot do it without quality people and programs. Your support allows us to continue to climb towards excellence.  

Ann Garrity, School Board President

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Ann Garrity
School Board President